The University of South Alabama Safe Zone program is one aspect of Allies Unlimited's ongoing effort to make the USA campus a safer place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students. The purpose is to reduce homophobia and heterosexism on campus in order to make the campus a safer and freer environment for all members of the USA community regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Safe Zone program seeks to accomplish this purpose through creating a network of LGBTQ allies who are empathic and informed about LGBTQ interests.

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Goals of Safe Zone program:

  1. Increase acceptance and affirmation towards LGBTQ students, staff, and faculty on USA's campus. 
  2. Create a positive environment, free of discrimination, prejudice, and harassment for LGBTQ students so that they can succeed on a personal and academic level during their years at USA.

Goals of Safe Zone training:

  1. Help individuals to develop awareness, knowledge, and skills to be an ally through offering support, safety, and confidentiality to LGBTQ students, staff, and faculty.
  2. Aid students to develop the knowledge and skills to speak out for LGBTQ interests in order to help understand the importance of fairness, affirmation, and mutual respect of LTBGQ individuals.
  3. Help individuals develop the knowledge and skills to address discrimination, prejudice, and harassment towards LGBTQ individuals as it occurs on USA's campus.

 After engaging in a Safe Zone training, individuals receive a Safe Zone sticker to display near their office, letting the campus community know that person, and their professional space, is a Safe Zone.

This program is new to USA and was created to develop a clear and connected network of allies and safe zones across campus. Thus, the list below is not an exhaustive list of staff and faculty allies on campus. We recognize the work of other allies through the years to make USA a safer place for LGBTQ students, staff, and faculty, and encourage those allies to dialogue with the Advisory Board to strengthen the Safe Zone program

Safe Zone Training Participants 2011-2012

Jessica Barnes, Housing and Residential Life; 460-7479
Epsilon I Area Office

Tre Cole, Housing and Residential Life; 460-6378
Gamma 2, Room 110

Peggy Delmas, Assistant Professor; 380-2889
College of Education; UCOM Room 3360

Paula Duke, Director University Programs; 460-7144
Academic Support Center, Room 1369

Joe Farmer, Assistant Professor; 445-9466
Nursing, HAHN Room 3060

Robert Gray, Mgr. Faculty Development Services; 380-2616
Innovation in Learning Center; UCOM Room 3412

Robert B. Hanks, Assoc. Director Counseling & Testing
Counseling & Testing Services; 460-7980

Nancy Howell, Director Academic Advising; 461-1705
Arts & Sciences Advising Center; AHS Room 349

Monica Jeanfreau, Housing and Residential Life; 461-1705
Beta 4; Room 202

Karen Jordan, Faculty Instructor; 414-8028
Earth Sciences Department; ILB Room 207

Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Professor; 460-7169
Psychological Clinic, UCOM 2000

Steve McClellan, Staff; 445-8415
Cancer Research Institute, MCI 3085

M. Margaret O'Brien, M.D., Asst. Prof. Pathology Dept; 460-7174
College of Medicine, MSB 1005; Mastin 202

Dayna Pratt, Housing & Residential Life

Nicole Schultz, Staff; 460-6684
Career Services; Meisler Hall Suite 2100

Heather Sprinkle, Coordinator Jaguar Productions; 460-7144
Academic Support Center, Room 1369

Jessica Weaver, Career Services Coordinator; 460-6687
Career Services, Meisler Hall Suite 2100

Melissa Smith, School of Computing, 460-6779
Shelby 1103

James Bridgeforth, Associate Director Housing; 460-6185
Delta Commons, Room 100

Carl Cunningham, Dir. Multicultural Student Affairs; 460-6895
Student Affairs, Room 1345

 Darleen Dempster, Counselor and Adjunct Faculty; 460-7051
Counseling and Testing Services, Room 329

Robbie Durr, Area Coordinator Univ. Housing; 460-7870
Housing, Epsilon I / Area Office

Petre Freeman, Staff
Office of Multicultural Affairs

William Kevin Green, M.D., Associate Professor
Internal Medicine; 471-7895

Travis Hardin, Housing and Residential Life; 460-7759
Delta Commons, Room 114

Heather Hoven, Library Technical Assistant; 460-7028
Biomedical Library

Robin Jones, Associate Dean of Students; 460-6452
Student Affairs, ASC Room 1345

Amber King, Housing and Residential Life; 460-6466
B/G Commons

 Jade Matthews, Area Coordinator; 460-7088
Housing and Residential Life, Stokes 1115

Mike Mitchell, Dean of Students; 460-6172
Academic Support Center, Room 1345

Amber Pope, Assistant Professor; 380-2870
Professional Studies; UCOM Room 3858

Sarah Schrenk, Coordinator Fitness Programs; 460-7268
Student Recreation Center, Room 324

Rhonda B. Smith, Assistant Registrar; 460-7180
College of Medicine; MSB 1005

Kelly R. Taylor, Academic Advisor; 460-7271
Arts & Sciences Advising Dept, AHS 346

Kendra Wesson, Housing and Residential Life; 460-6976
Delta Commons, Room 120

Krista Harrell, Associate Dean of Students; 460-6453
Student Center/Dean of Students; ASC 1345

Elliott Kimball, Staff; 460-7759
Housing; Epsilon 1 Area Office

Rachel Jernigan, Community Director; 460-6975
Housing & Resident Life; Stokes Hall, Room 1103

Andrea Wright, Staff; 461-1424
Biomedical Library; Room 213

Greg Deckard, Staff;380-2889
Education; UCOMM 3660, HPE 1100

Gina Deckard, Staff; 445-9280
Pre-Health Advising; HAHN 4004

Diana Starm, Faculty; 219-4574(off Campus)
Earth Science Department

Valerie Bryan, Faculty; 414-8041
Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work; Humanities 13

Jillian Murphy, Staff; 460-7149
USA Psychological Clinic

Joyce Guest, Faculty/Staff; 445-9037
Graduate Medical Education

Safe Zone Program Advisory Committee  

Dr. Amber Pope, Program Coordinator & Asst. Professor, Dept. of Professional Studies

Dr. Darleen Dempster, Counselor & Adjunct Faculty, Counseling & Testing Center

James Bridgeforth, Associate Director of Student Housing

Krista Harrell, Associate Dean of Students

Dr. Franklin Trimm, Pediatrics Dept., College of Medicine

Dr. Kevin Green, Internal Medicine Dept., College of Medicine

Dr. Martha Jane Brazy, Associate Professor, History Dept. 

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