Allies Unlimited is an organization at the University of South Alabama which allows members to join together, as allies, to advocate for equality and justice for all people and connect with other allies.

Allies are individuals who accept and support others who experience marginalization and/or oppression. Allies work to use their privilege to advocate for marginalized groups on a personal and systemic level.  Allies are commonly thought of as advocates for the LGBTQ community, however Allies Unlimited works to emphasize social justice for all marginalized groups.  Allies Unlimited provides a way for students  to meet as an organization and contemplate ways to use our privileges to benefit others.

2012-2013 Officers

President:  Becky LeCroix
Vice-President:  Jillian Murphy
Secretary:  Aimee Ngyuen Var
Treasurer:  Kelley Wilson

Committee Coordinators

LGBTQ Liaison:  Patrick Collins
Advancing Allies Coordinator:  Anneliese Boettcher
Resource Coordinator:  Amye Broyles
Outreach & Events Coordinator:  Caitlin Wolford
Technical Coordinator:  Daniel Moran


Sarah Bauman
Sheree Bodiford
Annaliese Boettcher
Amye Broyles
David Chavers
Lisianna Emmett
Brittany Escuriex
Morgan Glusman
Justin Grainger
Rachel Hoadley
Becky LeCroix
Adrianne McCullars
Tiffany Misra
Daniel Moran
Jillian Murphy
Aimee Nguyen
MyKim Nguyen
Ashley Powell
Candice Selwyn
Jessica Shenesey
Laura Sprinkle
Kelley Wilson
Caitlin Wolford
Diana McSheffrey
Courtney East
Sarah Fucillo
Julius Spicciani
Matt Cease
Tre Cole

Dr. Amber Pope

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